The combined action effect
1.To enhance the immunity ability of the crops and resistance and reduce the occurence of plant diseases.
2.To promote the awakening of dormacy and germination ,to increase the rate of the gernination and to make it neat.
3.To take root earlier, to promote the tillering , to shorten the the slow seedling stage , and to enhances the survival rate of transplantations.
4. Earlier to blossom , to bear fruit and to harvest; to lengthen the harvesting time.
5. To provote the percentage of the pollen germination and the speed of the elongation of the pollen tube , to protect the flower and fruit ,and to enhance the rate of setting fruit and the weight of the single fruit to increase the output.
6.To promote the quality of the crops ,to improve the the outward appearance and the inward characteristics of the fruit,and to enhance the fruit class and the commodity.
7.To reduce the penetrability of the plant cell membrane ,to lengthen the cell life to provent the crops and the fruit trees from earlier fading .
8.To reduce or relieve any damage to the crops by other agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.
9.To reduce or relieve the effect on the crops by the natural disasters to restore the growth . 10.To raise the use rate of fertilizer.

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