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    ASAHI CHEMICAL MFG.CO.,LTD. is a multinational corporation,which has sophisticated equipment and the outstanding scientific researchers,specailizing in developing and producing bio-chemical products.It has been fifty years since it was set up by the present president –SHIMAZAKI GISEN,in Osaka ,Japan in 1953.The main products include the plant growth regulator, the active nourishing cream for the flowering plant,the feed additive, compound fertilizer and other biological active matters . Its technology advances in the world.
     Since established , the company ,persisting in holding the motto"the quality first, the prestige first, the customer supreme, the service supreme", has developed the friendly international trade with any other country and area in the world .Its products has been well received in more than twenty countries and areas including Japan ,The United States ,Europe and Southeast Asia .Its main product -Atonik, has obtained the patent in more than ten countries and its particular quality ,outstanding productive effect and non-environmental pollution win the faith by the agricultural users from importing countries .  
     ASAHI Chemical Industry (Zhangzhou ),set up in September ,1993, is a solely Japanese -owned company,which is also a key province-level high-tech enterprise, specially engaged in the importation of the original fluid of Atonik and sales service of sorting package. Since its beginning of establishment ,persisting in holding the motto "thequality first, the prestige first , the customer supreme, the service supreme" ,it has established the long-term friendship cooperation with the business agents in various provinces and cities of China and formed the intimate partnership based on mutual trust.As a result , Atonik has reveived an extended application in the broad areas and made great contributions to the abundant harvest and the increase of income for farmers ,because of which Atonik has obtained the title "the best-selling product for agricultural productivity" in the successive years,and the company also successively has won" Fujian Province AAAlevel credit enterprise" ?"Zhangzhou top household of paying taxes " and other honors .

Asahi Chemical MFG(Zhangzhou) CO.,LTD. 
Address: the High-tech Developing Center of Liantian Development Zone Zhangzhou (36300), Fujian, China
Postalcode:363000  Tel:0596-2107556 2105556  Fax:0596-2109472
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