The action mechanism of ATONIK
    ATONIK , the regulator for the plant growth , belongs to the agricultural chemicals ,but its effective concentration has almost 1% of the used amount of the common agricultural chemicals . Judging from functional dosage, it resembles the plant hormone very much but does not have the hormone activeness. Hence , what ever is it actually? Through what type of the action mechanism does it play its role ? Regarding this , the plant-physiology professor Dr.BaJian in the University of Tokyo has conducted the detailed research and the results shows as the chart demonstrates: ATONIKpermeating the plant can promote the cytoplasm circulation under the 1-10ppm density and make the speed of flow up by 10-15%.As we know, the cell of sophisticated plant is mainly made up of the cell wall, the cytoplasm and the cell nucleus . The cell cytoplasm in living cells always flows ,forming the eytoplasm circulation. The cytoplasm circulation is the main way to carry on the matter interchange and tranportation between cells .It can tranport each kind of enzyme, the nutrient to each cell or the assigned position so as to meet the need of plant growth .The cytoplasm circulation , like the blood in the human body ,play an important role in maintaining life . ATONIK,through its promotive function on the cytoplasm circulation ,increases the cell activeness, and enhances the physiological metabllism function of each crops , thus achieving the purpose of increasing the output and improving the quality . ATONIK basic action mechanism of promoting cytoplasm circulation plays a dicisive role on its function characteristics , simultaneously, more explicitly manifested the difference between ATONIK and other plant hormone.

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