The one of products of ASAHI〞(ATONIK), which is a New Plant Growth Regulator, has the function of stimulating blood circulation, hematopoiesis and Sterilization, etc. And its Effective Chemical Composition is come from the injection that used for TB patients in Japan. In the early 1950s, a chance discovery of its role in promoting plant growth, and which began to be used for agricultural production. Tokyo University Professor of plant physiology, and other experts, Dr. Bajuan*s study proves that Atonik can be absorbed into plant quickly, can promote the Intercellular Transport, and give Cell Vitality; and which has a good effect on rooting, germination and growth strong. Atonik has attained patent already in JAPAN﹜U.S.A ﹜GERMANY﹜FRANCE﹜MEXICO﹜SWITZERLAND﹜BRAZIL, etc, as a new Plant Growth Regulator.

    University of Arkansas professor-Dr. STUTTE through the years of study on Atonik has not merely proved that its effect and the compounds that are as same as Atonik have been found out, but also proved that Atonik is possessed by nature itself and be a natural biochemical substance. United States EPA accepted the register application of Atonik from ASAHI according to the research results. It was allowed to register in U.S.A in 1995(Registration NO. EPA REG NO.64922-1)ㄛand that EPA made a decision of no pesticide residues for all crops owing to the safety of Atonik.

    Now Atonik was sold to Europe, North and South America, Asia, etc. more than 20 countries, and won the trust from users because of its high quality, yield increasing and pollution-free. In china, since 1984, Atonik is under the supervision of detecting department of agricultural ministry, and the efficacy trial was made for several years on each Melons, Cereal, Beans, Vegetable and Fruits by 14 Academies of agricultural Science or Plant Protection Stations, and made gratifying achievements. The pesticide residues and each kind of Toxicological Test ( including Teratogenic in Rats ﹜Two-Generation Reproduction﹜Chronic Toxicity and the Body Metabolism Test ) on ATONIK were made by IPP CAAS﹜Harbin Medical University﹜Pesticide Safety Evaluation Center of Shenyang Chemical Research Institute ﹜Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and Shanghai Research Institute of Toxic Chemicals, etc, and by which could prove that the safety reliability of Atonik. It has been allowed to obtain the Temporary Registration ㄗLS87013ㄘin 1987 and Formal Registration ㄗPD165-92ㄘin 1992.

    Its imported trade is depended on agromaterial companies and through ※Rimian§ Commercial Associations in Japan after registered in China. Atonik*s Sales Network is mainly in Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, Zhejiang Province and Liaoning Province, etc and is welcomed by users. In order to facility consumer use, ASAHI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd was established by ASAHI agromaterial companies in October 1993, which specialized in import of Atonik original solution and Separate Loading operation. As result, its sales quantity has been increased continuously after effort for many years. Since 1998, Atonik sales quantity has been increased steadily under the serious demanding situation of agricultural product price depression﹜frequent natural disasters﹜fake and Inferior pesticide production under attack and emergence of many similar products. However, one of the main reasons is that ATONIK with good quality.

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