one kind of new plant growth regulator,whose functions include the rapid permeation of the plant ,the provotion of cytoplasm circulation , the endowment of the cell with vigor and the remarkable effect on each stage of the plant growth .
As a new kind of the plant growth regulator, it has reveiced the patent from more than ten countries including Japan , US , Germany ,France , Switzerland , Mexico , Brazil and so on.
As the non-environmental pollution bio-chemistry agricultural chemicals ,in January ,1995, it was allowed to register in the American National Environmental Protection Bureau (REG.NO.64922-1) because of its high security and the decision of EPA that all crops mustn't have the residue of the agricultural chemicals .
It has been well sold in more than 30 countries such as Europe , The North and South Americas ,Asia and so on.
In China ,because of several years of experiment on drug efficacy , remains and each toxicology since 1984 ,it received temporary register (LS87013)bestowed by the Agriculture Ministry in 1987 and was officially allowed to register in 1992(PD165-92) .At the present it is widely applied in the grain , vegetables , the fruit trees ,the edible fungus, the flowers ,plants, the Chinese medicine and other crops .
The intrinsic quality of ATONIK
(1)The effective ingredient
A)Neighbouring nitrobenzene sodium phenolate 0.6%
B)Paranitrophenyl sodium phenolate 0.9%
C)5-nitrylneighbouring anisole sodium phenolate 0.3%
(2) the above 99.9% purity of its effect ingredient
7.The functional characteristics
1.it is not the hormone,but its function dosage is similar to the hormone.
2. it is not the fertilizer but can enhance the use factor of the fertilizer.

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