Experimental Result Table
Eexperimental unit
Dilution multiple
The use period
Spraying times

The result

The unit : Fujian Agricultural Chemicals Examination Station
Time :July,2002
Dilution multiple:4000 times
Spraying time: 4times:one for the periods of the seedling , the florescence and the young fruit .
The result: to improve agronomic characters ,to increase the plant height by8.65% and to enhance the rate of fruit setting up to 13.76%,efficientively increasing output up to 11.3%
Xi'an agriculturalmaterial company
September ,1987
6000 times
4 times : for the first time spray at the plant height of60-70cm,and later every 7days
the result: vigoirous and healthy plant,big and early blossom,18% higher rate of fruit setting by comparision ,the increase of output by 28% and maturity ten days earlier, the good fruit commodity ,the heavier single fruit ,even size ,luminous and bright color and luster, thick pulp of fruit, the sandy soil,the reduced acidity and the advanced sugar share.

Shenyang Agricultural Materials Production company
in November ,1989
6,000 times
3 times : each for young fruit period ,the beginning period of flowering and the period of full fruit.
The result as follows: the female flower rate up by 21-35%, melonsetting rate up by51.06%,the melon melting rate down by21.66% and the earlier harvest of the cucumber, the strip ,the fresh green luster ,sweet taste and high sales price .
Shanghai Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center
in November , 2001
6,000 times;4:each for the field planting period ,the beginning season of flowering ,the beginning of fruit period and the period of full fruit
The result as follows : The plant grows vigorously and healthily,output equally increases 41%. the recovery time also shifts to 4 days earilier compared to the blank comparison, and the commodity is good.
Small colza
Zhejiang Plant Protection Station;
in 2002 year
6,000 times ;3: one time for the period of shooting-out and later once a week .
The result as follows : light green ,the leaf blade thick,the adult plant grows fast ,the leaf blade stands upright ,the stem thick, leaf big , the commodity character obviously surpasses the comparison. and may be on sale 3-4 days earlier .the increase output up by 29.5%

Shanghai Agricultural Technology Promotion Center;
in November, 2001
6,000 times :4: each for the growing period ,the initial period of the fruitsetting ,fruitexpanding period and maturity period .
The result as follows : the outpur increases 56%,the effect is remarkable and the fruit will be on sale 8 days earlier,the outward appearance has the gloss by comparison,the good taste and sugar is comparatively high.
Shenyang Agricultural Capital Company ;
in November , 1996
600 times :4:the young seedling time,growing time ,the flowering time ,the fruitbearing time The result as follows :The vigor of the young melon growth has been enhanced , the diseased plant reduced,the setting melon rate increases, single melon increases by 14.2%¡¢ the output increase up by 25% , the sugar share increase ,and the maturity period shifts to an earlier time about 6 days .

Sweet orange
(wenzhou tangerine)
Fujian Agricultural Chemicals Examination Station ;
in October,2001
6000times :3: one time for the initial flowering bud period,the fading flower period ,the young fruit-forming period.
The result as follows :to improve the sweet orange agronomic characters ;the setting fruit rate increases 98.4% and the output increases 58.23%.

Sweet orange
(Wenzhou tangerine)
The Citrus fruits Research Department of Zhejiang Agricultural Science Institude
in November. 2001
6000 times :4:dormant period, the shooting period ,the abundant flowering season, the earlier period of physiological setting fruit .
The result as follows : to increase the output ,to improve the quality ,to break the dormancy and to shorten the period of germination and blossoms. the setting fruit rate rises by 22.34%,and output 28.75% by comparision.

Sweet orange (Navel orange )
Sichuan Agricultural Chemicals Examination Station;
in December, 2001
6000 times :4:after -fruit -harvest -last -year period ,the shooting period , and after small fruit forming period
The result as follows : raise the rate of setting fruit by 25%, increase the output by 76%,also , increase the egitable rate , enhance the soluble solid material, reduce the total acid quantity and enhance the solid sour ratio.

The Research Center for the Applied Agricultural Chemicals of Guangxi Institute of Agricultural Sciences ;
in 1996
6000 times : 2:The flower ear forming period , the early flowering period , the fading flowering period . the young fruit period .
The result as follows : to promote the formation of the young ear, correlate the time of blossoms ,enhance the setting fruit rate , increase the weight of the hundred- fruit , output and sugar density and shorten the maturity period by 7days and beautifyihg its appearance .
Fujian Agricultural Chemicals Examination Station ;
in September ,2001
2,000 times:2: before flowering ,fading period .
to improve its agronomic characters ,enhance the place fruit rate , increase the weight of the fruit , and efficiently raise the output .

Shanghai Agriculture Capital Company; in 1996.
6000 times :2: before flowering¡¢ after flower fading and the young fruit period .
grow vigorously ,and increase the output by 21.3%; big fruit ,the high quality and enhancement of sugarcontent

Zhejiang Plant Protection Station; in 1998
9,000 times :3; before shooting, after shooting and after picking .
the density of germination increases above 20%,one bud of three leaves long grows 19.6%, the weight increases by 17% and output by 29.9,and the tea leaf blade universally accumulates ,the bud is sturdy and it can shift to picking the superior tea sometime earlier.
The Research Center for Tea of Fujian Institute of Agricultural Science;
in December ,1998
9000 times :8:one time for before gernimation of Spring tea;later every half month.
the result is that : the fresh leaf output increases by 16.98%;the luster of produced tea is better, revealing the paris green. on its endosarc , the performance is obviously good and the grade is high.
Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of Xinjiang Army Corps ;
in November , 1999
3000 times or 2000 times :3: the period of cotton bud cracking (3000times ) , the period of the first flower appearance ( 2000times) and the initial period of the cotton dehiscence(2000)
the result is that :to promote the appearance of the flower bud ,early flower ,the early setting cotton and the early boll , obviously enhance the proportion of the front frost bolll, reduce the fall of the boll.,increase the number of bearing boll for each plant and the weight of the single boll, enhances the cotton seed and the staple , effectively enhances the output ,improve the inside quality. The ratio of input and output is up to 1:20.3
The Plant Protection Station of Jiangsu Agricultural Science Institute ;
in November 2001
3000 times or 2000 times : 3 : the lapok bud dehiscence time (3000 times ) , the first appearance of the flower time (2000 times) .
The result as follows: to have the dwarfed function , to enhance the number of the boll for single plant and proportion of the front frost boll, to increase the division of the cotton seeds and staple , and to realize the obvious effect of output increase .
Chenzhou Suxian Tobacco Limited Cooporation ;
in October , 1997
12000 times :2: spray on the entire leaf surface in the group period every 7 days.
The result is this: to increase the output , the proportion of superior tabacco and output values largely.
Sugar cane
Hunan Plant Protection& examination station;
June , 1987
3,500 times : 4:the sugar cane plant soaking 30 minutes , the seedling stage ,the division period of the tiller ,stretching period .
The result is this : the increase of tiller ; shorten maturity and output increase by 15.7% , sugar increase by 18.3%

Shiitake mushroom
Zhejiang Plant Protection Station ;
in June , 1998
6,000 times :the moist tranfering period, the forming carpophore period .
The result as follows:the obvious effect of output increase by 24.64%, the lengening of recovery time , and improvement of the quality.

Paddy rice
Hunan Plant Protection Research Institute; .
in August , 2000
6000 times or 3000times: 4: seed soaking (6000times) , the preceeding period of the transplants of the seeding(6,00times ) the forming period of the young ear (3,000times), and maturity period (3,000times ) .
The result is this: to largely promote the the rice root system growth.and growth function, to distinctly enhance the seedling quality ,to obviously shorten the time of turning green ,to promote growth and the minute tiller function , to increase the number of the effective ears in the individual area and improve the rate of bearing fruit and increaing function.
Chinese Paddy Rice Resarch Institute ;
in September, 2000
6,000 times or 3,000times : 4: seed soaking (6,000times ) , before the transplantingperiod of the seedling (6000times ), the young ear forming period ( 3,000 times ), the maturity period (3,000times).
The result as follows: to improve effectively the quality of seedling ,after the transplants , to have some advantages such as the high rate of the ear forming , the increaing of the ear number.the improvement of ear character and the increase of the output .

The Protection Station of Heilongjiang Farms and Land Reclamation Bureau;
.in October, 2001.
4,000 times , 3. the seedling stage , the earilier period of blossom , the beginning of the pod .
The result as follows: to increase obviously the number of the soybean grain, the weight of the grain and the output by 19,6% and to be able to shift to an earlier harvest for 3-5 days.
The Plant Protection Institute of Inner Mongolian Institute of Agricultural Science . in November , 2001
4,000times : 3: the bud forming period , the initial period of the pod , the young period
The result as follows : to increase the weight of hundred -of- grain and the output , simutaneously soybean's quality also obtains the enhancement, the thick protein and the crude fat content are higher by comparision.

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