Effects of mixed Atonik

Mixing with pesticides: the effect is remarkable mixed with the most numbers of pesticides, and have advantages of avoiding phytotoxicity, detoxication, shortening recovery time of damaged plantation and even reducing the loss.

Mixing with weedicides: mixing with the most numbers of weedicides, it can improve weed control effect, relieve inhibition on crops and protect the crops from damage.

Mixing with bactericide: Atonik itself can reinforce immunocompetence of plant, and can improve effect of bactericides, such as Mancozeb, Carbendazim, Virus A, etc. Make bactericides to have a good effect within 3 days, and its drug effect is up to 20 days continuously.
Mixing with trace fertilizer: It also has a good effect mixed with trace fertilizer, and show its effect after 3 to 6 days.
Used Amount: Its 3 ml. are treated with water (15kg) ?10 ml. are treated with water (60kg) for foliar spraying, seed soaking and irrigation. (Please see the use methods and effect in each crop)

Beware of counterfeit:
You can know its identification of true and false by calling its free Anti-Counterfeiting Telephone Number-------8008303315.

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