The application method of " the seal sign guarding against the false telephone and telegraph code "

After perchasing ATONIK ,blow the coating of the telegraph code to guard against the false ,obviously seeing a group of digital compositive numbers, then dial the free number 8008303315( 010-84035566 for mobile phone) ,input the group of numbers according to the voice prompt,and you will equally distinguish the product like an expert .Here are three kinds of computer prompt for inquiry:

1. The first computer prompt for the real product : what you are requiring is Atonik producd by The Japanese Risingsun Chemical Industry (Zhangzhou ) Limited Company,please use it at ease.

Consulting telephone :0596-2107556 or 0596-2105566 and it is the sigh for the oxthodox products"

2. The computer prompt for the repetitive inquiry in oxthodox products: the anti- pseudo code you want was inquired in x year x month x date x time x minute and the code is now invalid , please guard against the pretense.

3. If it is wrong input or pseudo product , the computer prompt for inquiry is : the anti-pseudo code is not to register , please guard against pretense . If you want to check your input , please press the number # ;If you want to continue inquiring , please press the number *.

    The Code Telephone Counterfeit-proof Technique: It has realized that to be the transregional real-time Counterfeit-proof network system by using Computer, Network & Communication, Information Code Technology and High-tech Printing and other High-tech Technique, and has became one of comprehensive prevention technology with international leading level.

    Composing of Code Counterfeit-proof System: It is made up of Internet Identity System, Database Management System and Anticounterfeiting Marking Manufacture and so on.
    The Principle of Code Counterfeit-proof System: To set up an only coding for each production, and is stored in the National Counterfeit-proof DataCenter, and also set up the National Authentication Telephone Service Network. at the same time. The consumer purchases commodities with Telephone Anti Counterfeiting Labels,and who can confirm whether the products they purchased is counterfeit or not by only dialing the national free telephone(800), thereby break through the limitation of traditional Counterfeit-proof production to be Batch Counterfeited and not easy to distinguish.

    The Counterfeit-proof Network System's main feature:

    The Uniqueness of Marking: The password is random, any one code Counterfeit-proof marker is only one, namely a Counterfeit-proof password only to a sales packing commodity.

    Disposable password: Each Password is hided in the data Counterfeit-proof marker, as long as scrape off the layer to see the password. After the password is inquired for the first time, the query time will be recorded by central database. It will be informed the number has been queried when the same number appeared again, so that can rule out the repeated possibility of Counterfeit-proof password.

    Privacy in password: every one Counterfeit-proof password is composed of sequential coding and irregular password. The sequential coding of production contains the enterprise code , product code and the serial number of production. And the irregular password has automatic generation of computerized information encoding, which can not be forecasted and controlled. All Counterfeit-proof passwords in the database that can not be found out ,so has a good effect of privacy.

    Technique cannot be forged: Due to Counterfeit-proof marker has unique Counterfeit-proof mechanism as above, even though someone has learned the Counterfeit-proof marker, but can not produce the accurate Counterfeit-proof passwords with this forgery attack., let alone store them to the national center database. Therefore to put an end to the action of batch Counterfeit radically.
Data Management Centre:
The data Counterfeit-proof network system has passed through the Expert- Evaluating Meeting of Chinese Counterfeit -proof Technical association held in Beijing in December,1999. And it has obtained a patent of china and the Hong Kong special Administrative Region (No. ZL99200458.6).

    The aspect of the construction of network: HP UNIX operating system, its PRISM architecture---namely the Capability, Expansibility, Recoverability or High Availability, Integration,Security and Manageability that can ensure the stabilization of Counterfeit-proof Service operation, can operate reliably. Also It provided a good support system for Counterfeit-proof system of the super capability,and the super query instantaneous load.

    The aspect of support software: The commercial database system by which can integrate with HP minicomputer and operating system----ORACLE System as the supporting platform of Counterfeit-proof Database, that can provide the Data Counterfeit-proof System with good guarantees of 365 days and 24 hours’ all-weather knight service.

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